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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Breakfast Interruptus

As a rooster crows in the distance, the sound of a gentle breeze rustles the amber leaves outside my window. I rise and fetch a hot cup of coffee, quickly shuffling back to the warm cocoon of bed. An hour of reading my book and gently napping and I'm ready to face the day.
Slowly pulling my robe on I enter the kitchen and prepare a breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, spinach, mushrooms and zucchini. While husband makes pot of tea and toast.
It takes an hour to eat and talk, but I'm feeling pretty Zen and about to set up my sewing orders for the day.
'I'll just check my emails first'.

It is like the universe has discovered how relaxed I am and decided that I can't have any of that.
Despite my recent windfalls in having advertising in two magazines at once: Shop4Kids and LittleOneBaby, it seems that at least one of them has risen up to bite me on the proverbial.

The lovely administrator and creator of Downthatlittlelane website, Tessa, generously picked me out for some advertising in Shop4Kids. I diligently made up and sent off my two creatures, with DOWNTHATLITTLELANE plastered all over the packaging, so they would know who it came from. I also had my normal tags which displayed my email address.

A few months later, I was pleasantly surprised when some lovely person from madeit posted the spread on Facebook.
Weeks passed.
Cobwebs grew between my ears.
I made up all my orders.
I went to work and came home again.
Until I awake to the sound of a rooster crowing and the sound of a gentle breeze rustling the amber leaves outside my window...and check my emails.

Umm...did I ask for Shop4Kids to display my madeit link especially?
*heart attack ensues. time rushes backwards to the point where I see the spread on Facebook, and then a montage of everything in-between* (yes, my life is like a movie).

No, I did not. Nevertheless, still feel like major douche. But what can I do? It is in the hands of the magazine and breakfast Gods now.
But next time the rooster crows in the morning, will I be slowly rising to a leisurely breakfast, or will I be rushing to my computer to check first.
Only time will tell.
Maybe this blog will feature in my next montage.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mad Max and Wild Things

And as all good things must come to an end, so does the life of Maurice Sendak, the creator of Where the Wild things are.

[read for literary review of WTWTA]
Sendak wanted to show that kids are not always the saccharine 'mummy dearest' characters as often portrayed in books, but instead are sometimes seething with anger, boiling with indignities and ragingly happy all at the same time. And that instead of processing the emotions individually, they will tend to create scenarios to play out these feelings in - resulting in some pretty wild imaginary places and characters.

Obviously Sendak was still pretty closely in tune with his inner child. Where the Wild Things Are has struck a chord with audiences all over the world, enabling us to romp around an imaginary place and ride the rollercoaster of youthful expressionism. All of this brings us out the other side without realising we have just been through the churning catharsis of youth's unprocessed emotions.

[Read for quick summary]
Where the Wild Things Are is a classic book. The monsters are great, the night forest and adventure is fun, and you should just read it if you haven't. If you have, read it again just for the fun of it and remember how frustratingly easy, however difficult, life was when you were 8 years old.

here is Maurice

here is my Wild thing created IN HONOUR (note not copyright infringed) of Max
with my cat Zack, who is trying to pretend Max doesn't exist. Note terrified expression of denial.