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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A stitch too far

How do you know where the line is?

You know, that invisible line we all subconsciously draw in the sand when we head down a particular path.
I envy those who are single minded, solidly focused on the end goal like a horse with blinkers on. But, as they say, it is about the journey, not the destination.

If you are of a creative bent like me, you will feel an affinity with the point I am ambling towards here.
Simply put: I get distracted. I stop to smell the roses, notice a bumble bee, follow it to the next garden, find a picnic, have a bite to eat, lie down for a nap, wake up and forget where I was heading in the first place. It's a little bit like fridge-itis (fridge-itis: where you are standing in front of an open fridge with no idea how you got there or what you wanted in the first place).

I started the forest flaw with the idea of making all the foresty woodland creatures I could stitch, but it has since evolved to incorporate camels, robots and even recently pelicans! But I love it. I love that people can see what I'm doing and find other potentials for it. I love that I can be sent down rabbit holes that I never would have ventured in to and come out with more ideas than I went in with. It's all part of that journey I guess. You are not always in the drivers seat, and it is the same with business, craft, art or anything you put out into the world where others can see.
Others have the power shape your world as much as you do.
Kapow. Self help moment but it's true. This is why I have learnt that I need to make a map of where I want to go. A loose map, like one of those pirate maps with dotted lines that snake all over the page.  But written on it are directions like:

  • keep left of those who will distract you. 
  • Dodge the ones who want you to succeed on their terms. 
  • Turn down at the offers that might seem good at the time but will ultimately make you feel like you sold your soul. 

All the while leaving huge gaps for the things I can not foresee but adhere to my general life plan - even if it might take me longer to get to end point. So that's what I will be thinking about this week. My end point. Is it when I have quit my job to sew full time? Is it when I have sold a certain amount of creatures? Or have regular orders for stores - or even just being able to play in my own garden and sew occasionally? I don't know yet, but I will start making my own pirate map. Even if only for the opportunity to wear a patch over my eye for a week or so.

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant. Robyn, you are just like this (creative) Robyn. I'm not around 'creative' types much and those that I am around all appear (appearances can be deceiving) to have that ability you mentioned of being able to travel through life blinkered and working headlong to that purposeful goal. I, like you, spend days moving from thing to thing, focused on the thing in front of me with no heed to the saucepan of porridge I just put on the stove (burnt) or the urgent issue I had to deal with that I was pulled away from by the phone or a child. Sometime later I return to the place I was working and am stunned back into the urgency of the task I had been doing. Makes me feel completely lunatic at times but also enjoy the positive side of the adventure I often have on the circuitous route along my aimless life path. Well, perhaps not aimless but with a rather loose goal. I'm sure I could benefit from a treasure map and the requisite eye patch as well. ;o)
    Enjoyed the blog. Thanks, Robyn