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Monday, 12 September 2016

You can count on it

Everyone has a number.

  • Your number comes up (eventually).
  • you can be called on a number.
  • you do number ones (or twos - hopefully both)
  • you live at number something, something street.
  • There are a number of times I can talk about numbers before you begin to think I'm a numerologist or the Count.

If you recall a movie with Jim Carey in it, he found the number 23 was recurring in his life - it was a code - or something, I don't know I am not a memorologist - look it up.

I too have begun to have Noir-esque moments of number paranoia. My enigmatic number?
The number...two.

It could be that I like symmetry, it could be Numerophobia (real!)It could be that I watched too much Sesame Street as a child.
Image result for sesame street number 2

Scientifically it is me noticing the number more than I notice others, but scientifically that is a boring explanation and I'd rather think that it is hunting me until one day we have a final show down and then my number (2) will be up. Perhaps literally, depending on how I croak. 

Here is the number two waiting for me outside my house

In the insidious way that number two stalks me, I now have two dressmakers dummies. The excitement about this is ridiculous!I know it is all part of a number conspiracy that will end in my demise, but for now, I can make two dresses at once! In fact I can now make dresses ranging from size 6 - 20! Which is more than 2! take that number 2!

And now finally to my point which is that I will be taking proper orders for dresses just in time for spring and summer through the Arte Factum shop.
Proper, tailored, choose your material, suit your shape dresses! It means a proper photo shoot is in order, and getting a list together and not freaking out when I have more orders than time to make them (if all goes according to plan).

But plans, like all things, have a way of doing their own thing, so at least I know there's a number of things that can happen to derail it...as long as it's not ...TWO things!

 yay, dress candy

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