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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Jingle Blog

There are new things afoot in the forest! 
Busy capturing them before unveiling in January - but beware - These guys aren't so fluffy!!

After night has fallen, the leaves all rustle round. 
A hoot sounds in the distance as the fires wither down.
A knocking at the window - could be just a tree,
But why then, do I feel an unknown creature watches me?

Foxes scatter to their dens, 
the owls stick to their limbs.
As floating in on misty tides the new kids settle in.

Old as time immortal, 
foretold by tv land.
These creatures have been dramatised by actors and by man...

To find out what these critters are - stay tuned to this blog station. They are the new found offerings from my imagination.

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