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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Jekyll and Hyde have moved in for summer

Time off from crafting has had a strangely dual effect.

1. It has made me tired. Oh so tired.
I like to nap. 
I forgot how much I like to have a little lay down in the afternoon with a cup of tea and snooze with the cat. 
Admittedly, it took me a few days to transition from 'frantic making mode' to 'afternoon torpor', but it definitely happened.
I can now feel the two o'clock tireds creep up behind me, catch me in it's cuddly arms and transport me to the dream fields where fireflies buzz and a stream trickles past the long grass.....
ooh, look out it had me again. 

2. Inspiration has gripped me.
Like superglue between your fingers, I am stuck on this new range and feel completely buzzed about making it. I am desperate to put them all up but am waiting till a few more are completed to have a grand unveiling. I will cut the virtual ribbon as soon as I can.

So ideas are swirling, but the energy has eluded me. I can't seem to get the pace back. I have gone from 10+ hour days to 4 and feel more tired than before.
Perhaps it's the heat.
However, it all amounts to excuses.

Perhaps I need to bombard myself with obscure cliche's and proverbs such as:
*Use it or lose it
*the early bird catches the worm
*A stitch in time saves nine
*A poor workman always blames his tools
*A woman's work is never done

But in the end it is up to me to just sit myself down and do it, because as the wise and bizarre old saying goes:

*fine words butter no parsnips

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