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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Why didn't you say sew?

 People often ask me if there is a way they can view all the 'other' things I sew. 

"So, what do you mean you sew other things?" they ask. 
"I don't know," I reply. "Clothes, hats, pillows, tableware, general...misc."

There is the inevitable pause while they formulate the next question. 
"Can you show me something?"
Then there is the other inevitable pause while I contemplate pulling out my phone, flipping through random pictures of my dog, meals I ate, places I've been, feet I've accidentally snapped with my finger half over the lens.
But as there is no alternative, I do and it always goes like this:
"Oh, that's my dog...that's my backyard...haha, my feet..."
You can see their faces go from 'mild interest' to 'I think someone's calling me" in a few seconds flat.
"Oh, here's a dress I made, oops, my dog again, haha, more feet!"

By the time I have found a few pictures of genuinely interesting items, they have had a tour of my shoe collection, enjoyed all the seasons in my backyard and traveled the world through pictures. Well not the world, mostly my neighborhood and occasionally a town 20 minutes down the road. 
I am more of a grasshopper than a globe trotter.


          A nautical dress I made from an old coat. 
The lapels were the cuffs from the sleeves.

Fact is, I only really started sewing a few years ago. I am more of a general maker. 
Skilled in the art of 'crafting'. 
Proficient in the ways of painting and drawing, 
Fantastic at fluffing.
 Positively wondrous at time wasting.

Satin lined and handmade labeling in my garrison caps

So this post, whoever you are, is for you. 
If you have ever had the misfortune of asking me to see some of the 'other' things I sew, I have conveniently decided to extend my blog past the critters that it once exclusively showcased. 
Yep, I'm opening it up to the glorious world of MISC.
You can be sure to see more posts in the near future of all the 'other' 'other' things I do.
After all, It is for your benefit, lest you want to see my outstanding, blurry, finger covered shoe collection. 
This is just a small selection of things, more will come in other posts, but what's that? I think I hear someone calling you...

                                                               Deer oh Deer dress


Placemats and table runners - my, that pattern looks familiar...
 Leftover material from curtains were made into bonus pillows. BONUS!

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