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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Woah Woah Woah...Merry Xmas

Sometimes our creative flow gets blocked. We've all stared at a blank screen, hovered over a white page, sat at an empty sewing machine (haven't we?).

But other times the dam walls break down and overload begins. There are bits of material flying across the room, typing all over the house furiously, pencils scribbling across every surface, cats playing in yarn, dogs wearing makeshift hats from remnants of the creative volcano, husbands hiding in cupboards.
Well, this happens in my house anyway (except for the multiple husbands).

Never is this creative eruption more active than at Christmas time.
All the ideas are there - gingerbread men, red and white dresses to be made, nifty crafty wire arrangements, lampshades, candle holders, place-mats, presents...sometimes it's hard to sleep for all the ideas that are exploding in the air around me. Now, if I'm honest, only probably 5% of these ideas some to fruition. I mean, all my time is spent coming up with these wonderful creations - to actually make them all - Woah woah woah, settle down.

I blame the printing companies.
If it wasn't for the yule logs of advertising material that are shoved into my mailbox daily, I wouldn't have dreams of perfect shiny toothed Xmas ideas. Families of happy Christmas people enjoying items with wide smiles, Brand new clothes that have never been worn, uncomfortable shoes that look amazing, gifts all tied up with ribbons.
Yes, printing presses and Christmas has a lot to answer for.

I am not a materialistic person. But come catalog time, I am a voracious velociraptor vacantly devouring various vestments and vouchers with vulgarity.
 So, this year, I have decided to make a list - perhaps i'll check it twice, I'll only make items that are naughty or nice, cause the Christmas clause is coming - to my house.

(note - clause is that I will promise to only make items I have time to finish)
So good luck to everyone out there. Especially those of you (like me) that have yet to brave the shops to buy all the useless things we don't need for presents. Just remember, sometimes the wrapping can make up for a crappy gift...
my excuse anyway...

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