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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Post Ho Ho. The days of our Ho. The Ho days.

I am starting a new Christmas tradition.

Instead of looking forward to the 'day', I am going to look forward to the day after. When it's over. When its dead and done.

What is more relaxing than knowing that Christmas is another 364 days away?
It is at least 350 days until you need to shop.
It is another 360 days until you need to buy the food.
It is another 363 days until you need to panic.

If you are not on board with me, let me lay it out in terms you will understand:

It is another year until you need to get a cluster headache from shopping with ALL THOSE OTHER PEOPLE!
Where do they come from? The North Pole? Are they sent to the supermarkets by major corporations to create mass ham panic? Call me a conspiracy nut, but I definitely think so.

For the next ten days, you can feast on that glazed ham you fought for, stuffing, strange chocolates you've never seen before. If you're lucky, you scored those weird biscuits no one else liked. You can unwrap and gorge on boxes of sweet things you got from people who didn't know what to get you/ didn't know you were coming / don't like you very much. There's way too much custard in the fridge- it has to be eaten before it goes off! The food list is pretty much endless here.

I don't know about you, but during the lead up to 'that day', it is not peace on earth and goodwill to all men. It is Parties at all of my neighbours houses - sometimes at the same time. Uncle 'Harry' decides to air out his goods in public, Cousin 'Sarah' drinks too much and crashes through the kennel. I've heard all their dirty business, so thank you - now I know how to successfully blackmail you all. Merry 'that day' to me.
In comparison, the aftermath is pretty sweet. everyone is hungover for three days - I can sit in my backyard and do cartwheels in the quiet if I so wish. Peace on Earth and all that.

yup. there's a lot to be said for feeling smug. I got everything done in time (a record half hour present shop), I got the food bought and prepared, I survived all the dinners and family and uncomfortable situations. Heck yeah, I'm gonna feel smug for a few days if you don't mind.

So all that's left for this period of awesomeness that is post Christmas - is the name. The Hoening. The Santamath. I don't care what it's called. I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy it all.

Oh, and here's some pictures i couldn't leak before 'the day' Just the pet ones.

Enjoy your Post Ho Days ")

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