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Thursday, 16 April 2015

I kajiggered me thing-a-me-bob and now i'm disappointed

I love the term 'Misc'.

It covers so many things and for a lazy person like myself, i am grateful for these words in particular:

* stuff
* things
* thing-a-me-bobs
* kajiggers, and of course
* miscellaneous

Ok, some of those may not be real, but they are real to me and that's all that counts.

I use the term 'misc' today to be able to lump a broad range of things together in a big catch up pile.
Firstly, there's been the usual work thing-a-me-bobs, where I have been kajiggering exhibits. here:

these are the mushrooms I've been wanting to finish for ages. I want to cover the entire floor area here with fake grass. But one thing at a time...The dots will actually have led lights in them and will look pretty spectacular.

These pics are of the 'frozen shadows' exhibit which is brilliant. there is magic i mean science paper inside and a bright light which flashes at you, scaring you into weird swearing shapes, then your image is burned on to the wall for all to witness your humiliation.

I maaay have borrowed some inspiration for this one...got that song in your head yet?

Then top it off with a girl and a balloon, and a sign

Now, i find i am disappointed as this post did come together with a theme and is less misc than I promised. Next time it will be far less cohesive, full of stuff and thing-a-me-bobs and pinwhistles.
All these things can be found at the superfantastic Discovery centre, Bendigo

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