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Monday, 25 May 2015


Ok, not much activity from me on here recently, but I have been sewing and gathering materials and trying to sort all the ideas.

Recently I had a conversation with a local boutique about the clothes that I make and there is a tentative agreement that I will do a line to sell in there about springtime. EXCITING!

Mostly of late, I have just been doing adjustments and twerks (not twerking) of clothing for people, replacing zips, transforming dress sizings, that sort of thing, which is fine, but my passion lies in taking on a challenge that is far beyond me in terms of skill and time and means and trying my hardest to make it work. Stupid passion I know. Especially when a one hour job turns into a two day job until I work it out.

Anyway - whether I sell all my goodies in this beautiful and quirky boutique, or just get ready for a spring market - I have been having a sew-strava-ganza. Bags, headbands, skirts and dresses. Even door snakes. If there;s material infront of me, I'll sew it into something. So beware, tablecloths and unworn items - I'm coming for you next!

Apologies for the quick and terrible quality, but I have much to sew don't you know - off to source more material for today I create  - tomorrow I - - probably create some more! like some kind of terrible superhero.

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