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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Doing your business in the Forest

Bleary eyed and puffy faced, I answered the door this morning to a professional photographer. 

Already long gone are the days of sitting at the table, mind racing with ideas - cotton, felt, fur strewn across the surface - mug of cold tea and me, in my pajamas, sewing with wild abandon.

The early beginnings of this micro business were just that; me filling that empty space of my creative void by tinkering with foxes and owls. Soon I had a few too many and wondered what to do with them. It was then a family member suggested putting them online and pointed me to handmade stores on the internet. AMAzINg! I never knew there was this outlet for people like me; It was like being handed the keys to a new kingdom and being told "go forth and create". All of a sudden there was a medium for me to enjoy - a community of buyers and sellers who supported each other no matter what the product - good, bad or fluffy.

Soon I made my first sale, then another and another. Some were to people I worked with, others were complete strangers from across the country. I needed networking tools - I started a Facebook account (damn you Facebook! damn you and your usefulness!) Much to my chagrin, began to get addicted to my 'likes' and comments'. Now I had feedback!

I received emails and phone calls and custom orders. I was approached to have an exhibition (hooray for Cafe El Gordo!) I took photos of all my new creations and put them on Facebook and sold them - almost instantly! I was discovering the most obvious business rule -
The more I put in to merchandising - the more my return!
Last week I had an email to request an interview and photo shoot for the Bendigo magazine. The lovely lady who is giving me my first exhibition wants to do an artists profile on me.
Hence the photographer.
 My creatures to be in a glossy magazine - me- in a glossy magazine!
Sure, it isn't vogue, modeling h'aute couture, but something I can be proud of - something handmade and hand designed - by me, in my pajamas, at my kitchen table with my mug of cold tea.

Cafe El Gordo                                           
Bendigo Magazine

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