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Monday, 12 September 2011


It was on the movie Spaceballs that I heard it put best. 

The intrepid travellers arrive at the guru's home planet, looking for guidance and some kind of powerful,  life altering 'strength to go on' message. 
After being shown through a humbly furnished cave, they ask the wizened little yoda rip off how he managed to live the calm, serene life of a hermit on a planet far far away.
It was then he pulled back a curtain to reveal a brightly lit cave full of yoda dolls, plaquards, stickers, posters; you name it. 
The answer, he told them, was "Merchandising!"

This, I am finding, is the clockwork; cog turning machinery behind any home based business. 
All week I have been facebooking, organising business cards, creating catalogues and generally plastering my face all over the internet for the upcoming market.
I have done approximately 2 hours of sewing. That's it, no designing, no 'just playing around with material' or scaring the dog with new creations (she really is horrified by them!) 
Before the day is out, I will mock up my market stall in my dining room, take some new pictures and do some more plastering of my self on the info-web. 

All this so that I can sell the image of the calm, crafty, homebased sewing business just bursting with serenity and loveliness and fun. Which I admit it sometimes is...on a Sunday afternoon when I have no visitors and the cat is snoozing on the windowsill...See! I just can't quit!

Wednesday I have a photographer visiting for a shoot, all my mess and cards and paper and  materials will be crammed into my bedroom. 
Then when they ask how I manage such a lovely, laid back, creative existence, I can open the door and tell him...

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