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Friday, 23 September 2011

Finding Room in Outer Space

A peacock balances gracefully on the tip of a wire dome bird cage.

The wire birdcage sits empty next to a beautiful fairy house, whitewashed and roofed with baby's tears moss. The fairy house is sandwiched next to a wire cake rack, inside sits a hand blown glass cake stand. The cake stand and above mentioned items are perched atop a dark wood display cabinet, holding a selection of black toile crockery, pewter coffee sets and empty vases.

This takes up approximately 1.5 metres across x 3 metres high. Times this by 30 and this is how my house is packed. PACKED.

Anyone who lives in a hundred something year old townhouse would know what I'm talking about. But anyone who CRAFTS would REALLY know what I'm talking about!

When I started sewing for this venture, I naively thought it would be a nice little creative outlet that wouldn't take up much space. Something I could do to while away the hours and keep my hands busy.
I could go back in time and slap myself.
Where as before, I had to wend my way around clothes and furniture to get to bed, now I am re-locating bags of stuffing, wayward creatures, and re-purposed cloth.
When once I would simply slide into a chair at the kitchen table, now I have to scoot over cotton, move half sewn blobs and re-position precariously towering objet d'crap.

I have simply no room to have a room to my self. No space to create a work-space and no area for hysteria.

Meantime, I have to put up or shut up (shop). Who can afford to move? who can afford the time to move?
I will just have to console myself that there are dozens, hundreds, possibly thousands who are in the same craft-dilemma as me.

However, it is not the end of the world as we know, merely a small, centrally located craftastrophe.

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