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Saturday, 10 September 2011

To market, to market

Day three.
Have drunk (drank? drinken? drinked?) all the tea. There are a few mint slices still haunting my memory in the fridge, but alas I must work on.
The led spotlights are harsh, I have forgotten my name.
My fingers and eyes burn like some kind of red monstered - demon thing, yet I push on. Onwards to the market.
I have traversed the Microsoft Word dunes and sloughed through the jpeg fens, the internet fjords and facebook quicksands to get here.
I have navigated the thread forest, crawled through the needle swamps, even sailed the treacherous embroidery seas.

Who would have thought that preparing for the first market would have been such a slog?
Perhaps it wouldn't have been had I just simply decided to turn up on the day like a normal mortal - but 'NO!' my brain said - 'You must create a catalogue of items!' it said.
'You must sew one of each creature and create new flyers and business cards and bunting and banners and SIGNS!' it said.
I said 'you're mad brain, it can't be done!' then realised I was talking to my own brain but by then it was too late. My brain had it's way. Ooh it's a tricksy beast.

So this one's for you brain. I'm quitting the computer for tonight - going to lay on the couch, do nothing...ha ha, I can do that...I can do that...
let me just check the image size on that last page isn't encroaching the margins and that my pricing is correct.
Then I will quickly mock up the flyer template and prepare the felt for the letters on my bunting.
After that I will bask in the sunshine, lay on that couch, eat ALL the mint slices, read a book, hell, even blink.
Ahh blinking, akin to sleep. How I miss you.

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