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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Early beginnings

So I feel like an early settler, traversing the plains of Blogdom until I find that perfect layout - the ultimate font - the difinitive 'vibe' so that I can unload my wagon and sort out my gear.
I can almost feel the wind in my virtual hair as this country is wide and vast and incredibly intimidating. At least I am talking to myself here until I grow and nurture a community of listeners to stop at my campsite and be regaled with tales of my new creations and how they came to be.
I pledge not to be too boring - too preachy - too academic or too abstract.
I vow to be entertaining - inspirational (tabs on self!) and whimsically amusing (can only aspire anyway).

However, I think I can see the Forest on the horizon - bear with me as I navigate the micro-roads to get there, I hope it doesn't take too long :)

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