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Saturday, 17 September 2011

The gorgeous price of success

Who would have expected positive feedback could be overwhelming?

You would imagine that being heaped with praise could be a never ending thing, something to take in your stride and put in your pocket. Be a little smug over later, in private.

Well, I just had my first market and it was fantastic, enjoyed it much more than expected. Not only for the sales that piled up - but for the feedback.
Face sore from smiling at prospective customers, I began to take compliments. "gorgeous" being the word of the day.
"gorgeous" they would say.
"thank you" I would say.

Ha ha, I began to think to myself, aren't I clever.
The people beside me with markets of their own heaped me with praise, "gorgeous", "thank you", and then sell to them too.
Then the same customers would come back, with friends.
"thank you".

But it was when store owners approached me with "listen, gorgeous" that I began to take it on board. "Please place said gorgeous things in my shop" they said. "thank you" I said.

Now, maybe it was the praise going to my head, but I think that too many "gorgeouses" may have got me and my ego in trouble. "listen, gorgeous, " they said, "I'll do it!" I said.
Now, hours later, cat on lap, tables packed away, money counted, face recovered, smugness worn off (a little) - that I smugly look at my diary.
20 creatures to make by next month for shop. 4 personal orders. 20 Orders for another shop by November. another 20 for another shop. 10 for window display for yet another in December.
ahh...it is now I wonder how long the power of praise will keep me going?
Will the mere memory of all those
"thank you"
transactions keep me going when my eyes are failing at 2am? Will the memory of delighted faces keep me from crying when I break needles and am sick of embroidering for three hours straight?
Must remember to be gorgeous. Can not let quality slip. At all times, keep creatures gorgeous. because I don't think "nice" is going to cut it.

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